Job For A Corporate Trainer In Elite Learning China

Job For A Corporate Trainer In Elite Learning China

What You Need To Know Before Apply For The Job At (ELITE LEARNING)

ELITE LEARNING was founded in 2002, originally a subsidiary of New Oriental Education& Technology Group (NYSE:EDU). With the development of the business, in 2012, “Elite Learning” registered “THROUGH International Education Consulting (Beijing) Co. Ltd. Then “Elite Learning” starts to develop independently. Elite learning is a high-end English training brand and our VIPs and corporate training clients cover a wide range of crucial government departments and Fortune 500 companies, such as Bank of China, ICBC, PETRO CHINA, SINOPEC,Bayer and Ferrari…

So far Elite English Learning has establish 5 Adult Learning Centers and Corporate Training Department in the hub of Beijing, all of which are run independently under the same management system of Elite Learning.

Elite Learning is an equal opportunity employer, and is committed to its diversified staff background. In the near future, Elite Learning is expecting to reach a 20% of its management positions filled in by foreign experts, and we encourage and value internal recruiting for management positions.

Current Location: Beijing China

Address: Floor 19, bldg. T1, Xihuan Square, No.1 Xizhimen Wai Ave.

Some Important Details About Being Corporate Trainer

Corporate Trainer
Corporate Trainer

A corporate trainer is an educator or instructor who works in a business environment and conveys knowledge or skills to a group of employees. Corporate trainers may be hired full-time by a large company to train new employees and assist in the transition to new business systems

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The Duties And Responsibilities Of Corporate Trainer

  • Make efficient lesson plans based on teaching materials provided
  • Provide all sort of training for Chinese Top Fortune companies. (one on one, intensive courses, group classes)
  • Deliver Business communication focused lessons
  • Start: ASAP

The Job Requirements For The Job Of Corporate Trainer

  • You have to have at least 2 years of ESL teaching experience in
  • BA and above in Education/ English and related fields preferred
  • Native speaker

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The Corporate Trainer Job Benefits

  • Your monthly Salary will be 20-25k above
  • You will be given House allowance
  • You will also be given Flight allowance
  • The company will process your visa for free (Work Visa)
  • Your Annual leave: 10 days
  • Support of friendly academic team (a great skill of teaching)
  • Exciting projects with Top Fortune companies in China
  • Opportunity to reach new level of your professional expertise.
  • You will enjoy the Parties and team-building activities


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