Job For A Science Teacher In Greatchina International Education Needed

Job For A Science Teacher In Greatchina International Education Needed

Everything You Need To Know About Greatchina International Education

In the year 1996, the greatchina international education (GIE) was establish for the purpose of academic excellence in the country china and the world at large. Graetchina international education has been working with so many Chinese students and also some very young professionals, they two has come together to work and to explore future careers. The greatchina international education (GIE) has offers a large broad range of integrated service, this are as follows;

  1. Test prep
  2. Study abroad counseling & planning,
  3. International education such as bridge and joint programs with both high schools and colleges
  4. Cultural and educational exchange
  5. Career counseling
  6. International talent acquisition
  7. Educational technology and so much more.

The greatchina international education has been registered at the federal and also the state level of United States of America (USA) and also recognized by the federal Chinese consulate general in Los Angeles and also Houston, for you know that this organization is a well recognize in the world. The greatchina international education has been certified by the National Association of Foreign Student Affairs (NAFSA) also by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) also the International Consultants for Education and Fairs (ICEF) has also recognize the greatchina international education.

Job For A Corporate Trainer In Elite Learning China

Job For A Corporate Trainer In Elite Learning China

Greatchina Internation School Has All The Necessary Authorities and They Listed Below;

  1. The Ministry of Education china
  2. China Ministry of Public Security
  3. The Administration for Industry and Commerce china
  4. The china Bureau of Civil Affairs and the Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs

The Greatchina International School Is Also Partnering With More Down Twenty (20) Educational Authorities In China And The World At Large, This Includes

  1. The international academic agencies
  2. The Chinese and some other countries immigration agencies or officer
  3. Some world higher institutions

The greatchina international education Current Location: Chengdu China

Their Address: Lower Dongda Street, No.126, Xinian Plaza Suite A 25th Floor, Jinjiang District, Chengdu, China


The Duties And Responsibilities Of An Science Teacher

Science Teacher
Science students
  • You instruct students in subject-specific classrooms
  • They create lesson plans
  • Evaluate student performances
  • As a Science Teacher, you are to teach using lectures skills
  • You have to possess technology and hands-on learning experiences.
  • As a Science Teacher you have to also possess model expected behavior to establish and maintain
  • The teacher have to possess the Knowledge of school organization, goals with the objectives of the school
  • You have to give assessments, and records results

Job For English Teacher, Bright Scholar Education Group China

Job For English Teacher, Bright Scholar Education Group China

The Requirements For The Job

  • Bachelor degree of Science/technology (degree is very important for this job)
  • The applicants should have at least two years of teaching experience in related subject (Science)
  • Have a great and Strong working knowledge of an international curriculum
  • The applicants should know the important and be Committed in protecting and safeguarding the students.
  • You should maintains energy, enthusiasm and teamwork (don’t be like you can do without anybody, teamwork is a positive way to more forward)

Benefices Of The Teaching Job In Greatchina International Education

  • Some house allowance
  • Free visa reimbursement
  • Good insurance
  • Winter/summer bonus



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