Tribest Support Ltd Is Recruiting For The Position Of Customer Care Officer

Tribest Support Ltd Is Recruiting For The Position Of Customer Care Officer

What Do You Know About Tribes Support Ltd?

Tribest is a corporate support solutions provider with a comprehensive range of people outsourcing services. We have a diversified team of management, strategy, banking and capacity development experts working together to provide organizations with the best human resource management solutions.

Now the Tribest Support has announce their 2020/2021 recruitment, the variable position is A CUSTOMER CARE OFFICER, for you to apply for this job there is some requirements needed to be in place. Read below and see the processes of applying for this job.

Tribest Support Ltd
Tribest Support Ltd

Address: 1 Iya Omolere St, Close 100242, Lagos

Phone: 0816 526 5789

What You Need To Know About Being Customer Care Officer

This is the general definition of Customer Care Officer. A customer service representative supports customers by providing helpful information, answering questions, and responding to complaints. They’re the front line of support for clients and customers and they help ensure that customers are satisfied with products, services, and features.


Customer service duties and responsibilities generally include answering phone calls and emails, responding to customer questions and complaints, and walking customers through basic troubleshooting or setup processes. In the case of a sales customer service representative, customer service duties and responsibilities will include selling products and service to clients and processing payments.

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The Duties And Responsibilities Of Customer Care Officer

  • You are place in the duty of receiving the company incoming and outgoing calls
  • Responsible in replying company email and interpersonal calls
  • You are to direct the customers to understand the company polices and online resources
  • Input the customer records in to the computer system
  • Recording of important interaction from the customer to the company
  • Have a great communications skills and endurance
  • Responding promptly to customer inquiries.
  • Respect the rules and regulations of the company
  • Being punctual to work and being smart
  • Keep good communication with the customer through various commutation channel
  • Helping the customer with his or her complaints (problems)
  • You have to know the quality of the product which the company produce
  • Having the skills and knowledge to explain the content of the company product to the customer (in details)
  • You are placed on the duty of processing orders, applications, forms and required of the customers
  • Making sure that feedback on the efficiency of the customer service is process
  • Have a team work skills (working with others for the purpose to achieving the company goals)
  • The customers satisfaction should be your major concern

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The Requirements Of Customer Care Officer

  • No experience is needed for this job
  • Good commutation skills
  • High school diploma, general education degree (NCE, OND)
  • Ability to stay calm when customers are stressed or upset (know that the customer is always right)
  • Have a computers skills (this is very important)



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