Job For OCS Group Airline Cleaners Needed In UK And USA

What You Need To Know About OCS Group

OCS Group is an international total facilities management (TFM) provider, operating across 5 continents and employing more than 91,000 people in 50 countries worldwide. OCS ranked in the Sunday Times Top Track 100 in June 2014. In almost every sector, businesses rely on OCS for a wide range of services, and nowhere more than in aviation. With over 50 years experience in providing essential support services to airlines and airports for so many years in the world, OCS delivers a complete range of specialist airside and landside services including hard and soft services in airport terminals

CEO: Peter Slator (Dec 2015–)

Headquarters: Crawley, United Kingdom

Founder: Frederick William Goodliffe

Founded: 1900

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The Company Services Includes

  1. Airline cleaners, official and others
  2. Provisioning of airline
  3. PRM assistance (passengers with reduced mobility)
  4. Home cleaning and maintenance
  5. Washing of clothes and domestic duties
  6. Mobile phone repairing
  7. Security
  8. Car park Security and car washing

OCS group is looking for responsible aircraft maintaining employee. To apply for the job read through and follow the processes included for the job, all the company needs now is cleaner but you can apply for other jobs when there is vacancies in the company.  Also right now the company (OCS Group) are in need of worker in some of the airline agency, this is for everybody weather you big or small, male or female this job is for you, it have a high rate of salary and other benefit included to the employee.

What You Need To Know If You Wish To Apply For This Job (Being A Clearner)

A cleaner or a cleaning operative is a type of industrial or domestic worker who cleans homes or commercial premises for payment. Cleaning operatives may specialise in cleaning particular things or places, such as window cleaners, car cleaners, and so much more……

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The Duties And Responsibilities Of A Cleaner

  • You are to make sure that the aircraft is clear on before the travel date
  • You are placed in the duties of replacing headrest covers, blankets, headphones, toiletries
  • Finishing up security checks on the aircraft as required
  • Check on the security of the aircraft before leaving as well required by the company (OCS group)
  • Also cleaning the cabin side of the aircraft
  • The important aspects of this job is cleaning aircraft kitchens and restocking toilets (good cleaning skill needed in this aspect)


The Requirements For The Job

  • No degree required
  • Have respect and good communication skills
  • You need good energy for the job
  • You need 5 years experience in cleaning
  • Cleaning experience is preferred but full training will be offered




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